Do you have a food allergy?

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please make sure you tell us when you order, even if you’ve had the dish before.  Some ingredients may have changed since your last visit.

Our dish descriptions don’t always mention every single ingredient, so please check the allergen table available at our restaurant if you have an allergen or food intolerance. Our allergen declaration covers the 14 allergens specified by EU Directives which are (1) gluten (2) egg (3) dairy or lactose (4) soya (5) sesame (6) peanuts (7) dried fruits & nuts (8) fish (9) shellfish (10) mollusc (11) celery (12) mustard (13) lupins (14) sulphite, shown here in no particular order.

Please note our staff does not hold information on any other allergens and due to the seriousness of these will not be able to help you select dishes. If you suffer from an allergy that is not covered in our allergen menu, please contact us in advance of your visit and we will try and assist on suitable dishes.

The EU Directive does not classify pine nuts (pine kernels) as a nut.  Pine nuts (kernels) are included in some of our dishes.

Please note that allergens contained within condiments & extra toppings/sauces are not included in the information on offer.

Although we try to keep fryers for separate use, fried items may be cooked in the fryer with other allergen ingredients and therefore traces by contamination such as gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, fish, soya, sesame and nuts could be present.

We prepare and store food in the same facilities and therefore cannot guarantee 100% that our products are suitable for those with allergens due to a high risk of trace cross contamination.

In high season, cross contamination of all allergens with regards ice creams could take place within the soft scoop cabinet and ice cream freezer.  Ice cream allergens are detailed on a separate sheet.  Please ask.